Helping you kick start your vegetable garden!

Our Philosophy

We believe that gardening is one of the most important componants for a better, more sustainable future.

We believe that gardening has a powerful impact on the mental health of those practicing it;

we think it is an effective way to curb the effects of climate change by regenerating the soil;

and we are convinced that growing tasty, nutritive, organic vegetables is priceless.

Above all things, we believe that not one size fits all,

so we offer a personnalized approach in order to help you establish a viable vegetable garden.

How does it work?

Gardener's little helper offers year round services for companies and private people that want to start growing vegetables.

Those services can be divided into 3 main segments along the growing season:



(fall & early spring)

A first meeting to assess your needs; we evaluate

the space you have, we make a personalized plan for

your own garden, we can help with testing the soil

if you wish. When the planning is done, we help you prepare your next season; bed preparation, adding compost and protection for the soil during the winter. 


(early spring)

The exciting part begins! Choosing the vegetables

you will grow; ordering the seeds, getting the material needed (pots, trays, etc.)  and starting the seedling process. Disclaimer; this is a highly addictive phase!

Planting & maintenance

(summer & fall)

Now that your crops are strong enough, it is time

to plant them outside and let them enjoy the summer!

We follow your progress and offer support for any pests, diseases or lack of nutrients your crops may have.  Can you smell the harvest yet?



According to your wishes, we create a customized garden plan for you; what vegetables you want

to grow, evaluate the space available, where best

to position your garden patch or your boxes or pots. At that stage, we also hook you up with the best suppliers, the ones that provide good compost,

seeds, pest control products, etc. Always bio!


Sometimes we need bigger tools to prepare

the garden, but we only need to use them once

a year and they take lots of space in the garage.

We will operate them for you and show you how to

use them . We also offer transportation for material*

you might need.

*Restrictions may apply.


We want to follow up on your progress! We are available online  (or extra visits on site if need be)

for support regarding the growing process; problems that can arise and provide solutions (pests, disease, lack of nutrients, etc.)


For you who want to learn more, we are always 

happy to feed you as much info as we can so you can success in growing your food! In addition to sharing the knowledge, we can provide links for relevant articles, recommend books and online courses.

The entrepreneur

A French-Canadian born, former game developper who decided to reorient her career on a more sustainable path!

After a few years of gardening at my house in Lomma as a hobby, I started working 100% with experts on the field;

urban farmers and specialists in aquaponic techniques.

My goal is to make it easy for you to succeed in growing your own food while enjoying the benefits of gardening;

also knowing you are making a difference in the fight against climate change.

I'm hoping to spread the enthusiasm in your backyard!